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Stable and affordable housing is critical to all aspects of a family’s well-being as well as for the economic prosperity for the entire community. Small communities like Waukegan are traditionally challenged when it comes to providing the needed range of quality housing options, thus exacerbating homelessness and segregation, while undermining workforce stability and forcing low and moderate-income families from their neighborhoods. The demand in Waukegan for affordable housing is currently far greater than the supply, and the gap is growing each year. Affordable housing for local workers prevents homelessness and overcrowding.


UMMA UPlift is our affordable Housing program that we believe will soon become the answer to Waukegan’s housing issues. We plan to invest somewhere around $2 Million during the next 3 years to develop at least 25 units in the Waukegan area, as well as the north side of Chicago. The program began in December of 2020, and it is off to a remarkable start. So far, we purchased and rehabbed 3 homes that provide shelter for 3 low-income families. Each project was funded 100% by our generous donors as well as 3 grants from Lake County Department of Development.


Our next move is to purchase a few apartment buildings where we can accelerate our impact to the community.

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