Will you help an UMMA Achiever reach his or her potential?

You can help a neighbor receive their essential education, including their GED, and gain living wage employment!


After finishing these classes, each UMMA student is much more likely to receive a living-wage job, due to their advanced computer literacy! Your gift provides a great competitive edge in a low-income area.


For $500, you can sponsor 1 student through all 11 Computer Classes offered at UMMA-U.  We are making computer literacy accessible in both English and Spanish, to adults across generations!

Your gift helps us provide for 11 classes including:


  • Windows Basic 101

  • Key Boarding 101

  • Internet 101

  • Resume/Cover letter 101

  • Windows 201

  • Ms Word 101

  • Ms Power Point Excel 101

  • Ms Excel 201

  • Ms PowerPoint 201

Why does food matter so much? As one of our wonderful supporters recently said, “I can’t get my sons to do their homework without a snack first, not counting the breakfast and lunch they have before! How can I expect a low-income or refugee child to study well without a single nutritious meal all day?” We stand with our low-income neighbors in their efforts to feed their families so that they can refocus their efforts on education and career development.

You can sponsor a family of 4 for 6 months for only $250. UMMA Center Food Pantry Feeds over 1000 people a year. You can help!

Your gift provides for:

  • Food from the Northern Illinois Food Bank

  • Meat from a supplier

  • Nutrition Information

We live in one of the wealthiest societies on Earth, and yet so many of our neighbors struggle to pay bills and stay out of debt. How can they become financially stable without guidance and support?

Sponsor 1 GED Student through their full Empowerment Journey for $1,000

Your gift provides for:​​

  • Training Materials

  • Subsidizing Exam Cost

  • Instructor/Tutoring Costs

Help students break out of poverty cycles and teach ways not just to survive, but to thrive!

You can help sponsor 1 Financial Literacy student through their journey of becoming debt free for only $400.

Your gift provides:​​​

  • Instructor/Tutoring Costs

  • Training Materials

  • Budget Development Zero Debt Plan

90% of CareerLink Students have found a living-wage job in 2017. Each student represents a family and future generations whose futures will be brighter, stronger, and more economically resilient!

For $5,000, you can help a CareerLink Student secure & maintain a living wage job in STEM with CareerLink Support & Training, as well as help UMMA develop cutting-edge programming to support even more students around Lake County & the Greater Chicagoland area.

After the internship will be a one year follow up period where the CareerLink Manager and client will be in contact and provide additional support services such as resume revision, interview prep, job search, etc.


Your gift provides for the following modules offered through CareerLink:

  • Chemistry Lab Technician 

  • Construction Trade Apprenticeship 

  • Mechanical Assembly Technician

  • Manufacturing Positions

  • Medical Aides Techs

  • Medical Administration