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They were invented by Wernick

Thermotropic tape is a cool device that changes color in response to changes in body temperature. Originally, the tape was used to take a child's temperature. Later, Marvin Wernick developed mood rings, which use thin wires and a quartz base to tell the wearer's mood. These mood rings have become popular since the 1970s and are not just for kids anymore. You can purchase them at your local drugstore and try them out for yourself.

Mood rings were first made famous by Aurorapromise in the 1970s. In that decade, they were sold at Bonwit Teller. The inventors of mood rings were Josh Reynolds, Maris Ambats, and Marvin Wernick. The company that produced them has since become one of the most popular and innovative jewelry lines. They are still a popular product and have survived the test of time. Here's how they were invented.

mini mood rings

adjustable mood rings


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