Planned Giving is easy.

Your passion for UMMA is unique.

Your ways as giving can be, too.

Planned Giving in a nutshell
I'm most comfortable giving cash gifts.
Q: What is Planned Giving?
A: Most people's wealth isn't just the money in their bank account.
Planned Giving encompasses several creative ways of giving to your favorite cause (and doesn't involve whipping out your wallet).
Q: Give me an example of planned giving.
A:  When most people make a donation to their favorite charity, they think of making a donation via check, credit card, or bank transfer. While we couldn't do it without those cash gifts, donors who make planned gifts help ensure UMMA is strong for the future as well. 
As if helping combat poverty and restore the futures of low-income families weren't enough, donors who make planned gifts are often surprised by the great tax advantages they and their families may enjoy. 
So, if you own appreciated stocks and bonds, appreciated real estate / land, retirement assets, insurance... you could potentially see an enticing tax benefit while giving to UMMA and not even touching your checkbook or credit card.
That means you may be able to give more and more easily through planned giving.
Are most of your assets liquid?
I have more wealth saved or invested right now.
Give us a call at 847-336-6136.
We can connect you with UMMA's planned giving expert, who will be happy to provide you with guidance.

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