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The UMMA BASIC NEEDS program provides Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Meat. Each week, we hand out 150-200 Grocery bags to anyone who visits our center, or receives delivery.

Pick Up/Delivery for Seniors and Disabled: Mondays from 12PM to 2PM

**Mondays are reserved for our Seniors and Disabled members ONLY**

**Food delivered between 2-5pm**

(You will receive a courtesy call every Monday to confirm delivery,

please save this number to make sure you answer the call (847) 336-6136)

Pick Up/Delivery for General Public: Wednesdays from 12PM to 2PM

**Food delivered between 2-5pm**

(Please complete weekly delivery sign up by Wednesday at 9:00am)

Requirements for Pick-up: Complete the Basic Needs registration form


Requirements for Delivery: Complete the Basic Needs registration form and complete the Delivery Sign up form EVERY TIME YOU REQUEST DELIVERY(Wednesday only)

*Delivery is only within 5 miles of UMMA Center 

Registration Form
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Thank You for submitting!

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