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about us

UMMA is a case management organization that takes our neighbors on a journey that leads to financial security and needs through education classes, food pantry, job readiness, self-sufficiency. When someone visits UMMA for the first time, they start at the intake stage where we collect basic information and identify immediate needs. We service those and affordable housing.


Our case management process helps the people we serve to map a plan towards self-sufficiency which usually includes job placement and housing. But to help them along that journey, we provide immediate needs like food and toiletries, and we help them find the education and training that will serve as steppingstones.


Our mission is to empower and unite all people with resources and opportunities to obtain self-sufficiency by providing access to basic needs, education, career services and affordable housing.


UMMA envisions a world where all people have the opportunity to live a life free from poverty.


UMMA opened its doors in June 2004 in a facility located in the center of downtown Waukegan. It was and still is, one of the few educational centers of its kind in the area, serving low-income individuals of every race, ethnicity, and religion who seek education as a way to improve their lives. In just nineteen years, UMMA has expanded to offer a myriad of wrap around services that help many of our fellow community members become more self-sufficient in their pursuit of the American Dream.

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